Our Philosphy


When a client enters our program we are both making a commitment to each other.


Our specialty is to offer valuable knowledge necessary to put you on the right path, a life long path of health. Just as you have a goal to finish our programs, our goal is to make sure you succeed. If you fail we fail!


The difference between success and failure in life is knowledge and tenacity.

It's taken you a lifetime of bad choices to get where you are today. We have all done it. The result is usually excess weight, depression, illness and a lethargic life.

Weight gain and poor health is simply nothing more than the choices you made in your life up to this point. Our focus is what you are going to do from this point onward. The choices you make today are going to dictate your weight, health, and ultimately your happiness. The best news about this is that you are in control, these are your choices and I am going to do everything I can to help you regain a happy, healthy life.

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Examining Crops

Hello friends! My name is Tena

Thank you again for joining me on my journey to get you on the right path. But before I get started I want you all to know I am just as much as human as you! I am a busy, working mom of two beautiful children. I understand the day to day challenges of planning and budgeting your time in order to fit in proper meal planning and an exercising routine. I myself faced a huge challenge, I found myself exercising and not seeing proper results which later led me on a path of lack of motivation. I found myself indulging in my kids snacks or taking bites of their pizza thinking it was only a bite or just a little taste, well news flash those little bites do add up, I was falling thin, I started developing unwanted cravings I couldn't resist I was heading in the wrong direction feeling sluggish and tired from all the bad food I started consuming. It wasn't until a year later I had a wake up call I started developing fat around my abdomen area. I have always been thin and figured I would or could not gain weight, news flash I was consuming unwanted sugars and processed foods which led to weight gain. I was stressed and depressed, I had now falling into a deep seeded fear of gaining unwanted weight. I was lost and had no idea where to start.

I turned my nutrition around one day while talking to a friend about toxins that were in our everyday skin care products from toothpaste, lotions, soaps etc. My curiosity grew while researching these items I was so clueless, here I was trying to lead a healthy life to only realize I was flooding my body with everyday toxins from my beauty products, I have since turned around my beauty regimen and have gone natural. This path of research has led me on a path of investigating those hard to pronounce ingredients on food labels which later lead me on a path on becoming a dietitian nutritionist. On my journey I have helped countless of clients turn there lives around using the techniques that I've perfected through years of trial and error I have helped my clients change their bodies, minds and health leading each and every one of them on a fulfilling happy path by instilling the proper tools needed.

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Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Elimination diets

Weight loss

Here's what our clients have achieved combining our Method with the accountability of coaching.

  • Lowered cholesterol levels which lead to significant reductions of prescribed medication

  • Reduced body weight to client's desired most comfortable weight

  • Increased energy to show up for self, family, friends and coworkers

  • Reduced bloating and digestive issues by finding solutions to the root cause of food intolerances

  • Healthy post-natal weight reduction and recovery 

  • Optimal prenatal and pregnancy nutrition for a healthy birth

  • Optimal fourth trimester nutrition to take care of moms after giving birth

  • Food freedom allowing for balanced eating and lifestyle habits

  • Eliminated the "all or nothing" mentality to eat foods unique to their body and with ease

Get back to the     basics today!